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Hotels in Cajarmaca

Hotels in Cajamarca Peru

Cajamarca - Peru

Cajarmarca Travel Guide

Hotels in Cajamarca, accommodation and lodging in Cajamarca:
In Cajamarca you will find comfortable lodgings, hotels with one to four stars, inns all located in the urban zone.
There is one four stars hotel in the area around the city.

Hotels in Cajamarca, accommodation and lodging in Cajamarca:

VISA Special Rates for Hotels in Cajamarca
Valid only when paid for with a Visa card

You can select and make your booking in our system for hotels or inns in Cajamarca. 
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Hotels Discounts & Deals in Cajamarca


Class Hotel's Name Rate (DWB) Visa Offer Book
Hotel Laguna Seca $ 105.68   book
Hotel Costa del Sol Cajamarca $ 111.30   book
Class Hotel's Name Rate (DWB) Visa Offer Book
Hotel El Ingenio $ 72.90 book
El Portal del Marqués $ 55.84 book
Hotel Clarín $ 50.13 book
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Map of Cajamarca City

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Baños del Inca (Inca Bathing Place) and Cuarto de Rescate (Ransom Room)
Cajamarca City
Church and Museum of Art Religious of San Francisco
Complejo Monumental de Belén
Countryside of Cajamarca
Cumbemayo Archaeological Complex and The  Friars
Flowers of Cajamarca
Granja Porcón (Porcon Farm)
Handicrafts of Cajamarca
People of Cajamarca
Ventanillas de Otuzco Archaeological Complex


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